Where to Buy the Books

Currently, The Kings of Charleston is available as an e-book at:

Amazon [Kindle Edition]

Barnes and Noble [NOOK Book] *

iTunes [All Apple devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac] *

Diesel eBook Store [supports multiple e-reader devices]*

*Until July 09, 2013, the e-book is being offered exclusively through Amazon. Many devices including Apple devices, offer free Kindle Apps which will allow you to purchase the e-book.

All the King’s Men is available as an e-book at:


Barnes and Noble [NOOK Book]

The Kings of Charleston is now available as a print book here:

Createspace E-store


Barnes and Noble [through their website and can be ordered at any Barnes and Noble Bookstore]

Books-A-Million [through their website and can be order at any Books-A-Million bookstore]

Amazon Canada

Amazon Japan


The Shoppes at Fourth & Cherry

The Kings of Charleston and All the King’s Men are now available in the UK, Denmark, France, Spain and Italy through Amazon as an e-book and print book:

Amazon UK

Amazon France

Amazon Denmark

Amazon Spain

Amazon Italy

Please check back often for updates as to where the book can be purchased as the list will grow.  

All the Kings Men

3 thoughts on “Where to Buy the Books

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  2. Getting ready to order the hardback copy. I have the kindle edition, but the cover is so awesome I need it, too 🙂

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