The Ebook is out!

Hey everyone! All the King’s Men is available on the Kindle (or any device with the Kindle App) and the Nook. The iPad and other devices will follow. The print book will be available next week.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Click here to buy it on Barnes and Noble.

And stay tuned for the blog tour coming in April!

All the Kings Men

Print Book Now Available

A few updates on The Kings of Charleston and where to purchase it:

The Kings of Charleston is now available as a print book through my CreateSpace E-Store here. Later this week, it will be available on along with the Kindle version.

It has also been added as an e-book for the iPad and iPhone, but will take a few days to appear in the iBookstore. In the meantime, you can add the free Kindle App to your iPhone or iPad and purchase the book through Amazon (this will require an account with Amazon).

It has also been approved for distribution as e-book for Sony and Kobo e-readers and book retailer Baker & Taylor, but I have not been advised as to when it will appear in each respective retailer’s stores.

I will continue to give updates on where to buy the book as they become available.

The contest for the Kindle giveaway has closed, but I will be giving away several autographed copies of the print book later this month.


It’s Finally Here!

No, I’m not talking about Tropical Storm Debby, although she has made things pretty soggy and windy the past couple of days. I’m talking about my book which is now available at and Throughout July my e-book will be released onto other online retailers (including iBookstore).

Also in July, the print book will be available as well. Please check out “Where to Buy The Book” periodically for updates as to where the book will be available.

If you haven’t noticed the additional page “Contest Rules and How to Enter”, you need to check it out because I am giving away a Kindle to some lucky person who follows my website blog or my Author Facebook page.

Now my focus has shifted to promoting The Kings of Charleston AND working on the sequel, And All The Kings Men.

I hope you enjoy the book!