All I Want is a Pineapple!

I didn’t just buy a pineapple, I bought a pineapple plant (it was an impulse buy). It looked really cool and it already had a pineapple growing on it, so I thought I had a pretty good chance of having at least one home-grown pineapple.

I don’t have a green thumb. I have a terrible track record of keeping plants alive. One time I kept a hibiscus alive for over a year and I’ve kept a crepe myrtle tree alive (in it’s defense it was here when I bought the house and didn’t need much taking care of). And before you think this pineapple has met a certain death, it is still alive and well (I did just buy it yesterday).

This year my luck seems to be turning around though and maybe that’s why I felt bold enough to buy the pineapple plant. Coincidentally, I still haven’t been able to keep too many flowers alive, but my husband and I are having quite a bit of success with edible plants.

What’s still alive in our yard? Two lemon trees with baby lemons on it, two blueberry bushes with little blueberries, two rosemary bushes, green beans and cucumbers we grew from seeds and a grape vine. My larkspurs are struggling and the only reason my angel trumpet tree is living is that it loves the heat (and doesn’t mind if I forget to water it), but we’ve successfully grown some fruit and vegetables. All in all it’s a win to me.

But the pineapple plant has had a rough start. I successfully transferred it to a larger pot (can’t be put in the ground because we do get a few nights a year under 45 degrees) and set it out on our patio. The only thing that I’ve read that will kill the it? Too much water.  Since I get amnesia when it comes to remembering to water plants I thought this was a sure winner, but no one told me that we’d moved to Seattle (not really, but it sure feels like it).

If you ever watched the Weather Channel I’m in that very bottom spot in Georgia usually marked in dark red for extreme drought conditions. Not anymore. Apparently the key to getting rid of a drought? Buy a plant that can only be killed by too much water. I know the farmer’s around here love my impulse buy since the rains have seem to come with it. I love the rain because we needed it, but come on. I’ve had the pineapple plant for less than two days and it’s already been moved inside twice. All I want is a pineapple! Next time I’m buying a cactus.

Meet “Dole” the pineapple plant…lol. Corny, I know.