The Day We Met

As promised, I’ve decided to start doing some short stories, giving different perspectives of other characters from The Kings of Charleston. The book is written in first person, so everything is told from Casper’s eyes, so the reader never really gets a glimpse into the others minds, motivations and emotions.

So, in an effort to give a glimpse I will try to post shorts about the other characters. Enjoy!

First up is Cal Roman and the day he met Casper in person: The Day We Met

I couldn’t figure out why I was so nervous. This wasn’t normal for me. My mind flashed to her picture on the television screen the day I first saw her at the Derby. Her eyes burning into mine as if she was staring directly at me. At that moment I knew I had to meet her and in my world that was an easy task to arrange.

But now that the moment was here, I didn’t know what to expect. What if she wasn’t what I had pictured in my mind these past couple of weeks? What if I had made a terrible mistake? Toughen up, I told myself. If she isn’t that hot, she’s at least rich and Kythera will be happy.

The front door opened and we were ushered into the familiar hall that I had been in a million times before. This was a Kythera mansion, and it was hard to pretend I’d never been here over and over again. I wondered how Callie was doing out in California…I hoped she was happy.

I blocked out all the chit chat between my parents and Mr. Whitley, standing aloof in the background. The stairs started to squeak and groan and I felt my my mouth go dry. I ran my hand through my hair.  A beautiful older woman descended down the stairs with a big smile on her face. I could barely make out the girl behind her until they finally joined us in the hall.

I heard my name, and I stepped forward to shake Casper’s hand as she was introduced to me. Her eyes were an impossibly bright green, like a cat’s, that I had never seen before, and her skin was pale and perfect like a porcelain doll. She smiled at me and I could barely catch my breath.

She was so much more than I had been expecting and I couldn’t explain why I felt like I had been hit by lightning. I had to have her.

Fortunately that was the one thing I was good at…getting exactly what I wanted.