Getting a Face Lift

As you’ve probably already noticed, the website has changed in appearance quite a bit (What? You didn’t click thinking I was having a face lift right?).

Gone is the black and red in favor of a little less ominous white and pinks (okay, I admit that’s really a 180 degree turn). Reason for the change is that I’m shifting gears in the writing world and wanted a space that matched.

The Hurricane Effect isn’t all rainbows and kittens, but there isn’t exactly a lot of blood and dead bodies (and if there is, you know something went terribly wrong). It’s a more emotional story that’s character driven instead of about finding the next clue. Black and red were perfect for Kythera, but this story needed something lighter.

So in honor of the fact that the majority of my writing focus will be on The Hurricane Effect, it was time for a website face lift.


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