The Beginning of Exciting Times

So, I’ve been pretty much absent from the blog world for quite some time (at least on this site), but that’s about to change.

After finishing the Kings series, I thought I would take a break from writing and do something else…relax…have some fun. Ha! Let’s just say my brain refused to comply.

I started a food blog (because cooking is my second love) and that was fun…for awhile. But you see, its hard to focus on recipes and food photography when my subconscious is screaming about the next book. What the food blog also taught me is that although I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen, it’s a distant second to writing.

Seriously, how many times is it going to take for me to own up to the fact that I love writing and quit trying to find something else to fill my time?

I think this most recent experience may have FINALLY solidified that I’m a writer by nature and that’s what I need to be pursuing.

I’m so excited about some things coming around the bend in my little writing world.

One, I’ve been working on the first draft of The Hurricane Effect. My actual writing mind is devoted to this story at the moment and it will dominate the posts about my writing for now.

Two, I’m working on little tweaks and polishes to the Kings series. In January, I will be submitting the series to be optioned for TV and movies. So, I’ll be working hard to get everything perfect and together for that presentation (Ahh! I’m beyond thrilled and terrified at the same time).

Third, I will soon be working on a non-fiction project which I’ve been approached to write. I’m excited about this one because its something outside of my normal comfort zone and its a truly interesting story.

Fourth, I have a story waiting in the wings to be written and the main character is already trying to take over valuable real estate in my crowded mind. It’s another mystery along the lines of the Kings series, but the protagonist is older and its a totally different, but equally decadent and dangerous world.

So, there’s a run down of what I’ve been up to and what’s happening in the future. I promise I’m going to be more present here in the future.

Hope you all will stick around for snippets of The Hurricane Effect, updates on the Kings series and other projects. Hey, I might even throw in a recipe now again 🙂

It’s the beginning of an exciting time!



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