The Hurricane Effect

I have two projects I’m working on simultaneously. The first book, follows in the footsteps of The Kings of Charleston series. It’s a suspense/mystery novel which is the genre I love.

But I have another project/novel that is of much more a personal matter. Some of you may know the story of how I met my husband and some of you may not. It’s a story that I feel compelled to tell. It scares me though, because it is so very personal and although it will be fiction it will be based on my very true story.

I’m a Christian and I believe the only way a person can be saved and have eternal life in Heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And although I do not believe any other person can save us, I believe God uses many circumstances and people to show us the way and reveal His will.

So now that I have clarified that I must tell you that my husband has always said that I “saved” him…but what he doesn’t know is that he “saved” me.This is my story…

Here is an excerpt (rough draft, of course):

What are hurricanes? They are swirling winds with great power sweeping over the oceans and engulfing any land they touch. They are torrents of destruction, hell bent on destroying whatever lies in their path. When you hear that a hurricane is coming, for most the first reaction is to run for their lives. For others, they see themselves as a steadfast Calvary charging to meet the enemy head on whether that means life or death. It’s a reckless choice, because unlike so many man made armies, the fury of a hurricane is more than any man could ever possess.

For me, the word hurricane always brought up images of death and destruction. Thoughts of lands stripped bare and naked of all they had once held, but that was before I saw the calm eye of the storm. As in anything in life, theirs a flip side to the raging wind around us, it’s core opening up to the beautiful heavens above…revealing that no matter how ferocious the storm, that no power or might can take away the sun.

And when the storm is gone and we begin to pick up the pieces, we realize that although we will never be the same, we will be stronger and allow the storm to reshape our lives with hope and faith.

So how can I see such hope from something so terrible? Because a hurricane is what changed my life forever…and I can never imagine my life without it. It’s as if the swirling winds had picked up the pieces of my broken heart and rearranged it into a perfectly cracked whole.