The Truth

As I explained in my previous post, The Kings series is much more than simply a mystery for me. There’s another story running concurrent with what’s on the surface that some of you may have picked up on.

Honestly, this is such a tough subject it’s going to require more than one post. So, here is the first part of my truth that is the story of Casper:

On the surface in the first book, Casper is seeking to find out who or what the mysterious Kythera is and how it/they play a part in her new life in Charleston.

But before you can answer what’s going on behind the scenes, you have to come to understand what Kythera represents.

Kythera on the page is a secret society of powerful people, but I created Kythera to represent all the trappings that our very materialistic world has to offer.

Kythera rolls up everything this life can offer into one nice little package. Members have unlimited resources, power and lifestyles we are told are worth obtaining and should be the ultimate goals of our lives (whether we admit it or not…just look at the celebrity culture). Money and materialistic wealth are the pinnacle of their lives.

But this life comes with a price…you have to give up something to receive it.

In the story, Casper and other members have to give up control of their lives in order to gain everything that Kythera is promising. All decisions are made in the best interest of Kythera not respecting what each individual may want.

That’s not to say that automatically all those things Kythera is offering is terrible, but that anything in excess that takes complete control has a price to be paid.

Like in the Kings, we have a choice. We can choose to follow what this world tells us to follow or we can choose to follow something more.

Do You Want to Know the Truth?

I had a completely different post for this topic, but then I ran across something that illustrated so well what I had planned on saying.

My mother was a 2nd/3rd grade teacher (now retired) and she always had tons of children’s books in her classroom. As a child after school each day, I would sit in her classroom and read. I loved all the colorful photos and the stories. Her enormous collection could entertain me for hours on end, while she worked on lesson plans or something else in her classroom. Even as I got older, I would occasionally pick up one of her children’s books and read it with a smile. I really attribute her collection of children’s books to why I grew up loving to read so much and eventually writing.

One of her favorite children’s books is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. If you are familiar with the book, you know its about a mother loving her son through all the stages of life and then eventually her son taking care of her when she’s old. Me, nor my mother, can get through that book without a tear slipping out.

Even as a kid, I understood the message of the book, but until today I didn’t know what inspired the book or what the author was thinking when he wrote this story. I simply thought he was expressing parental love, but it’s so much more than that. I also never realized that some people interpreted the book literally, and found it a little creepy (who knew?).

Books aren’t really different from art. Two people can stand in front the same painting and interpret two totally different things from the same painting. It’s the beauty of the human mind.

But if you read the author’s explanation behind the story, I dare you to be able to look at the book the same way (for either camp). Now, not only can I not get through the book without tears, I can’t even get through the explanation behind it without tears welling up.

Click here to find out why Mr. Munsch wrote this book.

This story is an extraordinary example of what I was going to say even before I read this article. No one knows the truth behind a story unless the author tells you. After becoming an author myself, I knew this to be true.

Lots of times interpretations come close to what the author was trying to say and other times they are way off the mark.

On the surface, The Kings series is a contemporary mystery, but underneath there is so much more going on in the story that you may or may not even be aware of.

Do you want to know the truth?

In my next post, I will explain once and for all the true meaning behind The Kings of Charleston.

And for me, it is so much more than just a mystery.