What’s Up Next…Retirement?

Now that I’ve hit the home stretch with the King’s series, I’m looking forward to the future and what’s up next for my writing related life and things that are not.

I have several book ideas floating around in my head, including The Hurricane Effect, but I don’t expect another book to be completed for awhile. As I was writing The Kingdom’s Revolt, my mind started spinning around the idea of The Hurricane Effect and completing it right after I finished my current series. That’s the funny thing about life…we can plan all we want, but life has it’s own agenda.

And honestly, things always turn out better than I could ever have planned.

Some opportunities have come up for my husband and I that we will be working on together, including a business opportunity that will occupy a lot of my free time. In this opportunity I will still be able to write, but it will definitely be in a different way.

So is this like a retirement speech or something?

No, I still plan to continue to write novels. It’s a love of mine and the characters running around in my head won’t let me stop (seriously, I already have a new gal trying to get me to write her story).

But I have other loves and dreams, and when a door opens for them to walk in I want to greet them with open arms.

This won’t be the last you hear of me, because all my opportunities require me to stay connected in the social media world. I will continue to post updates about The Kingdom’s Revolt, but the tone of my website might change as it evolves right along with my life.


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