Cats and Laundry Don’t Mix

Our pets are always doing something interesting and crazy. Their antics usually provide great antidotes, but sometimes they also create headaches.

Case in point, our indoor cat, Frank, gave us a serious headache a few nights ago. We had went grocery shopping because our pantry was pretty bare (noodles and canned pineapple anyone?) and we put Frank in the laundry room before we left.

Now before you get all huffy that we keep our cat in the laundry room while we’re gone, listen to my reasoning.

One, the laundry room is very large.

Two, it’s where we feed him and his litter box is in there.

Three, it’s where his bed and toys are and he likes the warmth from the dryer.

Four (and this is the most important reason), because he goes crazy when we’re gone. One weekend we were out of town and we came home to a nice piece of furniture scratched up and bite marks (not just scratches) in our sofa. From that point on his home has been relegated to the laundry room when we aren’t there.

Now that you understand why the cat was in the laundry room, I can explain our little mishap.

As I was saying, we went grocery shopping and when we got home we started unloading our groceries. I put everything on the island, let the cat out of the laundry room.

I got a whiff of strong fragrance while putting up the groceries. I l sniffed the grocery bags, but we hadn’t bought anything with fragrance or detergent of any kind. I shrugged my shoulders and continued putting groceries up. Afterwards we walked into the living room and I got a whiff again. It’s not a bad smell obviously, but something told me there was something wrong with this whole scenario. Plus, Frank was nowhere to be found…hmm.

I walk back into the kitchen and stare in the direction of the laundry room. I let out a gasp. To my horror, a whole bottle of laundry detergent is spilled across the floor and making its way under the dryer.

Fragrant blue detergent was covering the whole area in front of the washer and dryer. I went in search of Frank who was hiding in a corner, one side of his body wet and covered in detergent.

He looks so sweet and innocent! Ha! Don’t let him fool you!

He likes to sit on top of the dryer, and he must have knocked the bottle off by accident. The bottle hit the tile (which murders anything that touches it…why is tile so great again??) and cracked the lid wide open.

My husband immediately got the mop and the bucket and I took the cat to give him a bath (his favorite thing). Of course Frank fussed the entire time and didn’t make it an easy task. Once I finally finished I wrangled him out of the tub and into a towel (which didn’t last long) and then he jumped out of my arms and to the floor where he went to find a corner to lick himself dry.

I went back to check on my husband who was still trying to mop up the mess. Do you know how hard it is to mop up tons of soap? One swipe with the mop and dunk in the water produced tons of suds. He would mop and I would constantly change the water. We used a wet/dry vacuum and that sped  things up but it still took about an hour and half to clean up.

There’s still detergent under the dryer and we decided to let it harden and scrape it up later (which translates to we were tired of trying to clean soap off the floor).

Release Date for The Kingdom’s Revolt

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted or anything. I feel like I’ve been so busy between writing and non-writing obligations that the days have been a blur. Before I knew it, it had been a couple of weeks since I posted anything or gave any updates. I’m hoping the next couple of months I will be more vigilant!

I do have some exciting updates to share at least. Along with finishing The Kingdom’s Revolt I have been ambitious (and maybe too ambitious) in my plans for writing my next novel, The Hurricane Effect. I pledged to write the first draft of that Contemporary Romance in a month for Nanowrimo (November is National Novel Writing Month). I think I’ve lost my mind, but I’m making an effort.  I will also try to keep my webpage for that book updated more often as well.

I have also penned a first draft for a children’s book and I’m trying to finish that up before the holiday season begins. (More details on that later)

But as excited as I am about all the new projects in the works, I’m the most excited about finishing up The King’s series and hopefully bringing it all to a satisfying ending.

So, when will The Kingdom’S Revolt be released? I’ve been teasing it for so long, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t keep it a secret just a little longer….

No, I won’t be that cruel.

The Kingdom’s Revolt will be released February 4th, 2014.