10 Things You Don’t Know About Alex Alamilla

Hey, I know it’s been awhile. It’s amazing how time flies! I decided to continue with the theme of letting you all get to know the characters a little better. Today is Alex, who arguably has his own fan base who thinks Casper should be with him.

I’ll be honest, I never saw that one coming, but when I look back I see the potential. He’s an interesting character with a lot going on behind that confident smile and charm. A little tidbit of my own? He’s one of my favorite characters to write.

1. My full name is Alejandro Elias Alamilla Robles. It’s a mouthful.

2. I’m a second generation Kythera member.

3. I love horse racing. I know how to pick a winner.

4. I play varsity soccer and baseball.

5. I’m a confident person, if you hadn’t noticed.

6. I don’t tell anybody, but I know how to play the piano.

7. I speak three languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese.

8. I’m the one who pointed out Casper to Cal during the Derby.

9. Casper is one of the prettiest girl’s I’ve ever seen and the fact she doesn’t know how pretty she is makes her even more beautiful.

10. I don’t see what Casper sees in Cal.


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