10 Things You Don’t Know About Charlotte Watson

Continuing with the current theme of getting to know the characters, here is 10 Things about Charlotte Watson. The first friend Casper makes when she moves to Charleston. She’s the quintessential nosy gossip, but with wisdom beyond her 17 years. Her motives are murky to Casper, but she plainly knows what side she’s on.

1. If shopping were a career, I would be a pro.

2. I’m a third generation Kythera member.

3. My paternal grandparents are from Ireland, and they still live in Dublin.

4. I’m a social butterfly and I can’t stand to be alone for long.

5. If I’m not hanging out with friends, I’m calling friends to come hang out with me.

6. Sarah has been my best friend since second grade. But I have to admit I really like hanging out with Casper. Maybe she can be best friend number 2?

7. I liked Marcus the minute I met him. I thought he was totally hot.

8. I’m a proud Kythera member, and I plan on my own family one day being a part of it.

9. I was shaken up pretty badly by all the chaos happening in the group, but I don’t think my allegiance will waver.

10. I love the lifestyle and power that comes from being a part of Kythera and I won’t let anyone take that from me.


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