Write What You Know

Recently I’ve been reading over a lot of comments and thoughts readers have had about The Kings of Charleston and one thing keeps popping up. Although they know it’s a work of fiction, there’s something about the whole story that seems believable and real, beyond merely being contemporary fiction. I have a lot of people questioning the existence of Kythera or something similar and my experience with such groups.

Hmmm… should I tell you what I know?

If I knew of a “Kythera” or ever participated in one, wouldn’t it be breaking the rules to blurt it out, not to mention a little dangerous? But it’s a common question, because Kythera comes off believable and isn’t the old adage to write what you know?

My answer is…I’ll never tell. It is a mystery after all 😉

Kythera Business_Card front(3)


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