10 Things You Don’t Know About Marcus Gray

Marcus Gray was introduced in the last half of The Kings of Charleston and has had a presence ever since. He’s quickly become a fan favorite and so I wanted to share a little about him.

1. I am an athlete all the way. I love football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse…the list goes on and on.

2. Until we moved to Charleston, I had only ever lived in New York City. Talk about a serious change.

3. I had some culture shock moving to the South, but I’ve come to embrace sweet tea and grits.

4. My favorite pro football team is the New York Jets with the Baltimore Ravens being a close second.

5. I was scouted by Ohio State University and University of Florida to play football, but I had to tell them no after we joined Kythera.

6. I always try to look at the optimistic side of any problems I have.

7. Casper is like the little sister I never had (even if she is the same age), and I feel the need to protect her.

8. Charlotte is my first real girlfriend. I’m a real romance guy at heart, I just don’t show my friends that side of me.

9. I love all types of music, including Country.

10. I’m not as confident as I try to pretend to be with everyone.


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