10 Things You Don’t Know About Cal Roman

Sorry everyone for the long hiatus! It’s been a crazy July and I’m sorely behind on all things book related. Hoping to catch up this week and get back on track. In the mean time, here’s some things you don’t know about Cal Roman:

1. My full name is Cal Roman. I have no middle name.

2. Cal is an abbreviation of my mother’s maiden name.

3. I’ve played soccer since I was able to walk.

4. I love all movies and spend way too much time watching them. Just don’t ask me to watch The Godfather.

5. I’m not mysterious on purpose…it just happens.

6. People think I’m a player, but I’m a serial monogamist.

7. I don’t care about Grumpy Cat, but Casper does and since Kat H. Clayton didn’t invite us along, I may have to use my K connections to get a meeting for her.

8. If I wasn’t a Kythera member, I would be spending my time on the soccer field and riding through the Charleston countryside on my motorcycle.

9. If I get out of Kythera, I want to become someone who makes a difference in this world. Join the Peace Corps. or do something in the government to prevent groups like Kythera ever coming into existence.

10. I don’t always show my emotions very well, but I love Casper more than you can imagine. I would do anything for her.

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