10 Things You Don’t Know About Casper Whitley

Keeping in line with the post I mentioned Wednesday, here are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Casper Whitley:

(1)        My favorite horse race to go to is the Royal Ascot.

(2)        I hate roller coasters, but I’ll still ride them if you ask, so I don’t look like a wimp. I’ll probably cry the whole time.

(3)        I’m addicted to Coca-Cola and I have it hidden all over my house.

(4)        When I was five, I escaped from my parents while we were at Disney World. I’d wandered off to find Minnie Mouse. I’ve not been back since.

(5)        I’m beyond upset that Kat H. Clayton met Grumpy Cat and didn’t even bother to tell me or invite me to come along.

(6)        I’ve met Henry Cavill and didn’t bother to tell or invite Kat H. Clayton to come along.

(7)        The Queen has stayed at Ghost Hill Farms a couple of times when she comes to buy horses from the yearling sales at Keeneland.

(8)        I’m a music junky and I love Adele, Imagine Dragons and Justin Bieber (don’t judge…I’m a teenager and allowed to have questionable taste) .

(9)        I love to read. I love the classics and trashy romance novels alike. My favorite book of all time is National Velvet.

(10)      I’m terrified of butterflies…not kidding at all.


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