Motives and Secrets

The last (or possibly next to last) book in the Kings of Charleston series has me delving into the pasts of the two main characters, but mostly Cal’s. I’ve purposely held back a lot of details about him because his past has a lot to do with not only his future, but the entire future of everyone around him. And revealing his past would’ve taken away from the mystery of Kythera.

I would love to give you more details, but every time I write a sentence to explain, I realize I’m giving away a part of the mystery that will unfold in the third book. So, let me just say there will finally be some clarity as to why Cal is the way he is.

With the new revelations about Cal, there will also be some more clarity about Casper’s own motives and why she does the things she does. The first books didn’t really delve into the characters, because I felt you needed to be pulled into the world of Kythera and what it’s like to be a member. To me, Kythera was really the star in the first two books, having it’s own character revealed and allowing you to get a sense of what Kythera was all about.

Now, I feel like it’s finally time for Casper and Cal to shine and it has been such an enjoyable experience to really get into the heads of the characters. I get to delve past the power and greed of Kythera and to the motives of it’s members.

Before, you’ve only gotten a glimpse at a few of the characters motives, but now those motives become the star of the mystery. And like anytime secrets are revealed….things get complicated and not everyone makes it out alive.


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