Awesome Two Weeks and Things to Come

Sad to say that the blog tour for All the King’s Men has come to an end, but it’s been a great two weeks!

I’ve been introduced to a lot of great book blogs through this whole process and heard what a lot of people think about my series. It was such a great promotion for the books. It’s weird to hear that people have a crush on Cal, or think Casper is awesome. I loved that one blogger created a Spotify playlist for Casper. (What’s even crazier is that she included a song from my own playlist for the books).

I love that people are enjoying the story and the world of Kythera. That’s what it has always been about… creating a story for people to get lost in.

I absolutely love writing and that’s been proven even more so after the blog tour. This is what I want to do for life.

In the same way the blog tours helped me see my writing come to life, I want to do the same for other writers. So, I’ve become a tour host for Xpresso Blog Tours and you will see book promos and the occasional review of books I find interesting and I think that my readers would enjoy.

So, check back often for updates on the Kings of Charleston series, and some other great books to get lost in.

Xpresso Book Tours


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