Party Like The Whitley’s

If you’ve read The Kings of Charleston you know that Casper’s mother likes to throw a party and when she does she goes all out. Mrs. Whitley’s life as a socialite involves planning tons of events with wait staff, outlandish decorations and fancy food.

Casper finds it all a bit much, but I can’t say I totally agree. After my husband and I threw our very first grown up party at our house we found out that we might just be party people too.

Now, don’t think our parties have waiters (other than myself and my husband) or ornate decorations (does pretty table cloths count?) or fancy food (it may not be fancy, but plenty of people love my cooking). Our parties are a bit (okay alot) more low key, but just as much fun. Actually Casper might like our kind of parties, because it’s all about spending time with friends and family.

And along with gearing up for the release of All the King’s Men, I’m planning and organizing for  a party this weekend at my house. I decided to do an Italian dinner party and I hope it will be a great success. When I first picked the date I didn’t think about the fact that it was right before the sequel’s release. But it worked out perfectly and now I get to share in the excitement of the next chapter of the series with lots of friends and family.

So here’s to the Whitley’s and the next chapter in their lives (which probably involves a party or two)!


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