All The King’s Men…It’s about Survival

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.~Aristotle Onassis 

There’s a mystery floating in Charleston, South Carolina and it revolves around one word…Kythera. To anyone outside the city limits it means nothing, but to those who live there it’s a word whispered in awe and respect or jealousy and hate.

Welcome to a world where money isn’t the only name of the game.

All the King’s Men is the sequel to The Kings of Charleston and continues the adventures of Casper and Cal as they try to escape Kythera and the mysterious group looking to destroy the “K”. Will they leave behind everything they’ve known or will their association with Kythera destroy them before they can escape?

The Kings of Charleston asked, are you in? All the King’s Men asks, will you survive?

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4 thoughts on “All The King’s Men…It’s about Survival

  1. Sounds like you have a pretty good reason to “party”. So happy for you! I don’t get to write everyday because of my schedule (or should I say my “teens’ schedules”, but I have about 30 pages transferred in, and/or new notes, letters, etc. So I think I’m progressing at a satisfactory rate for an almost 70-yr-old who is waaaaay to busy and needs a nap now and then. The hard part will come when I try to make sense of all my emails, journals, notes, letters and added commentary: cleaning it up, putting it in some kind of “sensible” order, titling chapters, etc. I also have to do some research about Public Domain so that I don’t use things (without permission) and get in trouble. :o) Anyway, thanks for giving me that added nudge and your helpful suggestions for getting started. Here’s to the stories in all of us….fiction or non!
    Hope your 2nd book is a great success, Kat!

    • Thank you and I’m so glad I could help you get started. I could tell you had a story to tell and you needed the “nudge” to get it going (call it my writer’s 6th sense ;)). I’ve found out all writer’s need a little nudge or we’ll sit on the ledge forever, because when you think about it, writing is a scary prospect. We are trying to crystallize our thoughts and feelings into black and white words on a page for others to see, interpret and ultimately judge. Just writing that terrifies me, but then I’m reminded of the utter happiness and fulfillment I get from putting those words to the page knowing I was meant to tell that story and that if I didn’t ever do it I would be thinking about why I didn’t the rest of my life. I don’t want to live with that regret.

      Thirty pages is an awesome start, and don’t get too frustrated if you can’t write everyday. Lot’s of people told me you need to establish a schedule and write everyday, but that’s all well and good until life steps in. That idea works for some, but not me. Sometimes my most productive days don’t include a word count, but just thinking about what I’m going to do in the next chapter or scene. You’ll figure out what works best for you.

      If you ever need anything, I’m always here to help. I’m not a non-fiction writer (yet…I’ve got one in mind for the future), but I’ll help anyway that I can. The best thing that ever happened to my writing was connecting with some other writer’s who were willing to reach out and help. I want to pass their kindness on, because I believe in words and the power they have in our lives.

      I do not know much about what you are writing, only bits and pieces, but I can tell it’s something that you are passionate about and I have this feeling it’s going to be an amazing project and accomplishment for you…and my writing (and otherwise) 6th sense has never been wrong.

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