Dreams Are a Good Thing…Right?

Facts About DreamsEveryone has had vivid dreams from time to time that they remember when they wake up, and sometimes even think about throughout the day. Last night, I had one of those dreams and it was the most random kind of dreams too. It wasn’t the usual mix of things happening in my real life or anything you could analyze with the help of a dream book. It had nothing to do with what’s going on in my life, and it wasn’t even myself that I was dreaming of. It was some totally random girl….

This dream bugged me so much that I eventually had to write it down and it soon started to take shape like a chapter of a novel. That’s when it hit me…this could be my next book (after The King’s series). Which is great, because it means I know my next adventure, but there’s a problem. This new story took over all my thoughts today and this afternoon I couldn’t focus on working on my current series.

The way the whole writing process works for me is that a story just takes over my thoughts and I have to write about it and up until today my imagination had been squarely focused on Casper and Cal. So I tried to get all the details I had in my brain out and onto the page on this new story so that I could return my focus to the present story. It hasn’t worked…yet.

Looking on the bright side? I know I have a new story I’m totally passionate about, which is always a good feeling. I’m always afraid I’ll finish The King’s of Charleston series and there will be no more stories, but happily I know I have another story waiting on me…now if it will just stay in the recesses of my mind until I’m ready to completely focus on it.

No worries though, The Kingdom’s Revolt will get written. You just may not have to wait very long for a totally new book from me 🙂


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