Thank Goodness It’s February!

As I explained a few entries ago, I took a break from writing and I felt lost. But I tried to make myself stick to it (I only cheated a little bit). You may wonder why I even took the break when I wanted to write, but I’ve learned from experience that for me I need a some time to regroup and really think about what I want to see happen in the next book before I commit to it on the computer screen.

This break without a doubt was hard, but worth it. Maybe I didn’t need it as much this time around to clear my head, but it showed me something else…how much I love writing and how much I need it in my life. If I had just kept trucking through January writing the third book, I wouldn’t have ever known that and probably would have ended up burned out a lot quicker and reluctant to start the process all over again. Now I’m raring to go and excited to start on the next (and final) chapter of Casper’s story.

So here’s to another beginning and what will hopefully be a great month! Already been working with the cover artist, so in a couple weeks I’ll be ready to reveal it! So excited! Happy February!


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