My Non-Italian Roots in Marinara

I love to cook. It’s my third favorite thing to do (behind writing and traveling). And since I’m on a writing vacation (only a few days left and I did cheat and already started working on the next book).

One of my favorite types of food to cook is Italian, but I had no idea that I was doing it all wrong (okay I had an idea). One night we had a couple of friends over and I pull out a glass jar of marinara sauce (I can admit I like Paul Newman’s sauces), and a friend of my husband says, “Oh wow, I better not tell my Sicilian wife that you used that. She makes her own sauce.” It had never occurred to me to make my own sauce for whatever reason. I’m going to blame it on being of British/Native American descent for the faux pas (weak excuse, I know).

Since that embarrassing moment, I’ve decided to start making my own marinara sauce. I found a recipe from Giada De Laurentis to start out and then I just started playing around with it.

After following her recipe, I added in some dried herbs (Italian blend) and fresh basil (if I have any).That was my first experiment and it turned out pretty good, but since then I’ve added a few things and I think I’m coming close to a really good sauce (at least to me and my husband).

Second trial I added red wine, which really kicked it up a notch, but it was still missing something.

Picture of Marinara Sauce Recipe

On my third try I added red pepper flakes, some Parmesan seasoning and I think we have a winner! Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe to give as I’m very bad to just “wing it” when it comes to how much of something I put into a recipe. My husband reminds me that I need to start writing down my concoctions, because I’m eventually going to forget them. One day I’ll take his advice.

In honor of my new found abilities to make marinara sauce, I may just have to have a dinner party to celebrate. 😉


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