Feeling Lost

I had it all planned out. I would finish the sequel, take a month long break and focus on other things. That’s what I did between the first and second book and I needed it. I needed the time to catch up on everyday things, time for myself and my husband.

I was so exhilarated when I finished the sequel thinking of all the things that I could get accomplished now that I wasn’t stuck like super glue to my lap top. I needed to work on the house, cleaning, organizing and decorating because it still needed some work from where we moved in last October. I wanted to start planning another party (thinking of an outdoor dinner party) and a vacation this summer. This list could go on and on, but something happened.

I still need to accomplish those things (and everything not mentioned), but I just feel the urge to write and I feel like something is missing now that I’m not. I keep telling myself to hold off on the third book and take some time, a “vacation” of sorts, but all I can think about is the next book.

I’m trying to tick each item off my list, but then I just want to sit down and write. I guess I’ve officially caught the bug. I’ve always been a writer, but this has been the first time that writing has felt like such a necessity as if something is missing in my life without it.

It’s back to writing with the third book, The Kingdom’s Revolt.

And it feels good to be back.


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