I Love to Read! Do You?

Now that I’m officially on hiatus from writing until February 1st (although I’m doing research and some planning for The Kingdom’s Revolt) I’ve already bought two books and read one of them. I normally continue reading while writing, but things got so hectic at the end of the year I just didn’t have time.

I was so happy to be reading again that it was like Christmas all over for me!

I had on my mind a couple of months ago to read On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves, but I wasn’t able to start reading until yesterday due to my writing schedule. It interested me because I’m a sucker for books people being left on an island to survive. One of my favorite books as a kid that I would read over and over again (which is saying alot since I NEVER read a book more than once) was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. I also couldn’t get enough of Swiss Family Robinson…you get my drift.

I finished On the Island in ONE day (not even that…one afternoon would be more accurate). I absolutely loved this book and I was honestly surprised by how much I loved it.

It’s the story of Anna, a 30-year old teacher/tutor and T.J. her sixteen year old student who’s plane crash lands in the Indian Ocean where they end up stranded on an uninhabited island and must learn to survive.

I had my reservations about the story because it involved a sixteen year old boy and a thirty year old woman, but any reservations I had quickly went out the door. I’m not giving anything away  but just to let you know they are stranded for YEARS (and for all you know they never get off the island!). It’s a wonderful gut wrenching story about the power of love and survival. I highly recommend it!

Next on the list: Beautiful Creatures.

Have a book suggestion for me? Let me know!


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