Is it 2013 Already??

Wow, it’s been a crazy month. Between planning my first ever Christmas party (which I think will become a yearly thing because it was so much fun!), visiting with family and writing my butt off, I feel like I have had little time to breathe and when I finally came up for air it was 2013.

The sequel, And All the Kings Men, will soon be with the editor and I can do a little dance knowing that I’m one step closer to getting the sequel out into the world. I plan on taking a short writing break before starting on the third and final book in the series, Kingdom’s Revolt (I’ve already been seeing the opening scene in my thoughts).

During my short hiatus from writing, I hope to read ALOT. I rarely completely stop reading, except when I’m in time crunch to get my own writing done and I have little time for reading for pleasure. There are so many books on my to read list!

Even though I won’t be writing, I’ll be promoting the sequel (while anxiously waiting for the cover reveal!) and hopefully keeping up better with the blog for the next month. Then come February it will be time to start on the third book. That is if I can keep from sitting down and writing before then 🙂

A little tidbit about Kingdom’s Revolt: You’ll be learning about the history and origins of Kythera and the shocking reveal of where it all began.

Happy New Year!



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