Homes of the Kings

When I wrote The Kings of Charleston, I decided to blend made up locations with real locations in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’ve read the book, you know I describe the Country Club (real and fake), the Hunt Club (real and fake), and St. Mary’s (fake). I wanted it to feel like Charleston, but I also wanted to make it my own. I didn’t want to be too constrained and have to stick to only exactly real locations, because then you get bogged down in having to make sure you describe the place to a tee. With a blend of fiction and reality, I feel like I was able to create my character’s own world within a very real world location.

The same is true for the character’s homes. As part of my research I did look up real estate listings in the Charleston area to use as a blue print for where my characters would live.

Casper’s family’s mansion across from White Point Gardens is based on a very real home there. I took the idea of what that home looked liked, kept a few details, but then made up my own. I thought it would be fun to give a glimpse of some of the real estate I used to create my characters homes. If you want more photos, check out

Considering the housing market, some of the homes are still on the market today which made them easy for me to find for this post. Take a look. Do they match what you had in mind?

Casper Whitley’s Home:



Cal Roman’s Home:



When I described Charlotte Watson’s home in the book, I had just came up with something out of the blue. I used no example whatsoever. So I was completely surprised when I went to look for the listings for this post to find a house VERY similar to the one I described!



Alex Alamilla’s home is not described in the book, but this is what I had in mind:



Marcus Gray’s home is not described either, but this is what his home is based on in my head:



And for a little fun I thought I would post a photo of the home used for a character from the sequel. I’m not telling his role, you’ll just have to guess 🙂

A sneak peek at Cameron Maxwell’s house from And All the Kings Men:




This week has been a blur, but a happy blur. I had a great time signing books at The Shoppes and then I spent an awesome weekend with my sister-in-law in my favorite little town, Apalachicola.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Apalachicola since moving to Georgia. It’s become my go-to place to relax and enjoy a weekend. When I’m having a hard week, I just pretend I’m there and I immediately feel happier. I can’t explain why it’s like that for me. Something about the town just speaks to me.

Anyway, I took my sister-in-law, Claire, for the first time and we had a lot of fun. I think one of the most memorable things from the trip was looking for bears and rhinos. Rhinos??

Yeah, you read that right. During the scenic ride along the coast we passed this sign:

Of course we thought it was a prank until about twenty miles later we see ANOTHER  one. We looked at each other. “Is this for real?” We laughed and wondered if there was a zoo nearby or some nature preserve we didn’t know about. Or could we have went through some time warp and we were actually in Kenya?

So what do you all think? Is it for real? And if not, how do you explain the crazy signs?