Crying Times

I’ve been working away on the sequel, And All the Kings Men and I divulged a little secret to my husband. I literally cried writing a scene earlier this week (I’m not telling what made me so sad…not even if you beg).

My husband kind of laughed and said “You already know what’s going to happen so why would you cry?” Good question.

I may know what happens, but sometimes when I get to a particularly sad scene I still get a little choked up, especially when the main characters are involved (you really want to know now don’t you?). I see the scene playing out in my head and I feel like I’ve done my job with the scene if I can make myself cry…lol.

The other reason I get emotional  when writing is that although the characters are completely fictitious they’ve become a part of my own family in a way. Sometimes I’m spending more time with them each day than my real family (especially when I need to write 3,000 words in a day to meet the deadline..eek). I know their favorite colors, favorite foods, hobbies, books…I could go on. They’ve taken on their own personalities and I could tell how each one of them would answer the same question in their own way.

I enjoy spending time in their world and I care about what happens to them (even sometimes I don’t know how it’s going to turn out until my hands type out the words). So, occasionally I get a little emotional when something sad, happy or funny happens to them.

Once I explained this to my husband, he got it immediately. He told me if the scene could make ME cry, then imagine how emotional it could make someone reading it. That’s what I’m betting on…that as a reader you become as invested in Casper, Cal and the rest of the characters that you find yourself crying, rejoicing or laughing along with them.

Call me crazy, but I think that kind of emotion makes a story worth telling and a story worth reading.

Here’s the song I was listening to as I wrote said sad scene. (I’m driving you crazy aren’t I?)

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