Kitty Pepe Le Pew

Pets seem to provide some of the best laughs ever. My cat, Frank, is no exception. We’ve recently moved and the cat has had a hard time adjusting. The first night we were here we shut him in the laundry room with his litter box to help him get acquainted with where his litter box would be. The next morning we let him out, and instead of exploring the house he turns circles as if he’s trying to catch his tail. He was so confused he didn’t know where to start.

A few days later my husband was changing Frank’s water and getting him food (all which is kept in the laundry room). The cat was somewhere else, and when my husband turned back into the kitchen there was Frank looking all innocent, knowing full well he had been into something he shouldn’t have.

The new house has a fireplace that doesn’t have doors on it, so the cat decided to get in the fireplace and rub all over it (like he does everything else). My husband had to chase the cat around with a towel as he rubbed up against some white cabinets, the door frame and a white chair.

When I saw this photo all I could think of was Pepe Le Pew (in reverse of course). The cat sat down to lick his fur and he ended up with a black tongue.

Eventually Frank had to get a bath (which he hates), but even after scrubbing tirelessly he still had some black soot in his fur. He’s steered clear of the fireplace since then.


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