My Very Own Expert

Lots of times when you are writing you need to consult with experts in order to properly describe particular events in a story.

Fortunately, I’ve got an in house expert that comes in handy, especially since I’m a mystery/suspense writer. My husband served as an Army Medic for several years and I’m so very proud of his military service. Now he’s my very own expert I consult for my novels.

He’s such a wealth of knowledge (not to mention when I hit my head, get a fever or have some weird symptoms he’s pretty good at pinpointing what’s wrong). And he is so willing to sit down with me and work out a scene or  let me use him as a sounding board for whatever crazy idea I might have.

So how long could a person survive under water? Could they really shoot the person from that distance and not hit the person in front of them? How can I make that scenario plausible?

He never gets tired of my questions and he’s a bit of a writer himself (and quite talented I might add) so we can spend a couple hours running through scenes and making sure they’re plausible.

It’s fun and such a wonderful blessing  to have his help, especially considering how often injuries/deaths come up in mystery/suspense novels.

So who’s going to survive And All The Kings Men? I guess you just have to wait and see.



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