Giving Faces to the Characters

With any book you read, you have a specific picture in your mind of what each of the characters look like. You could ask each person who read the book what they thought a character looks like and get a million different answers. Often, when the book is turned into a movie people then see the character as the actor who plays them.

So I thought it would be fun today to pretend that The Kings of Charleston was being turned into a movie (crossing my fingers), and I have to pick actors to play the characters. Here are who I think look the most like how the character’s appear in my head:

Casper Whitley (Lucy Hale)

Cal Roman (Colin Egglesfield)

Mrs. Whitley (Jennifer Connelly)

Mr. Whitley (Dermot Mulroney

Charlotte Watson (Deborah Ann Woll)

Veronica Alamilla (Francis Raisa)

Alex Alamilla (Jay Hernandez)

Marcus Grey (Mehcad Brooks)


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