Olympic Fever

I really wasn’t all that excited about the Olympics (honestly I didn’t really watch the 2008 Summer Olympics other than a couple swimming events). I don’t know, I guess the fever just didn’t strike, but this year I definitely have it.

I’ve loved watching the swimming and the gymnastics (to the point that I’ve went to bed a little too late). But I have one gripe about the London Games and I think it’s something that a lot people have had issues with…the coverage.

First of all, I’ve been so disappointed to click onto Yahoo or MSN’s main page and see the winner’s scrolling across the top before I have a chance to see it for myself that night 😦

It really spoiled watching the women’s gymnastics all-around competition, because before it even started I knew who won. I’m still watching the competition, but it takes some of the anticipation and nerves of watching it when you already know the outcome. (And I cannot sit at work all day and live stream the events.)

Why did they have to scroll it across the main page and in the headlines? Some other sites said Spoiler Alert: Winners, but you had to click on the actual story to see who had won.

It’s been a bummer, and normally I love the digital age…but come on, don’t spoil the fun of watching the games!


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