Caramel Apples and Coffee Cake? Yes, Please.

I’ve been baking this afternoon for Labor Day and I must say that I think this may be the best cake I’ve ever made. Who wouldn’t love sliced apples, caramel and pecan streusel over a vanilla coffee cake? If the individual components are any indication (of course I’ve sampled them all), then there are going to be some very happy people this weekend (including me).

I’ve also been working on the sequel and I’m hoping by next week to get to the halfway point of the novel.Yay! In the mean time I am sponsoring a giveaway of the paperback version of The Kings of Charleston on goodreads. Sign up here to win a copy!

Also, I’ve added a page where you can contact me with any comments or questions!

All a Part of My Process…

I’ve recently discovered Spotify for listening to music thanks to Pink Julep, and it’s completely revolutionized the way I write and think through scenes. The only bad thing? It seems to want to broadcast what I’m listening to all my friends on Facebook.

So even though no one is probably paying attention or cares, I still feel like people  are probably scratching there heads and wondering why I’m listening to the same songs over and over again. There’s a reason.

Not only do I listen to music to write, I listen to very specific songs even to the point of timing a scene with a song (kind of like a movie). And even when I am not actually writing, I may still be listening to the same song over and over in an effort to work out a scene in my head.

I do not plot scenes, all my planning happens in my head and I keep it there until I am able to sit down in the late afternoons and write it all out. So the incessant streaming of the same songs over and over again until I’m sick of them has a purpose. It’s all a part of my writing process…

You can check out my book review and style profile done by Pink Julep which also features a playlist of some of the songs I listened to in order to write The Kings of Charleston.


Pink Julep Abroad…Book Review

I’m excited to share with you a review from Ashley over at Pink Julep Abroad, a blog based out of London, UK. I had so much fun with this one, because she also did a Style Profile about me along with the book review. So not only can you find out what she thought about The Kings of Charleston, but you can find out a little more about me and a playlist of the songs I listened to while writing the book.

Pink Julep Abroad Review

I absolutely love Pink Julep! It’s a great blog that reads like an awesome fashion magazine. I love to check out her Daily Styles and cool finds. I recommend you make Pink Julep a part of your daily reading!

This review will also be available through the Review tab at the top of the website.

I Never Meant to Kill Her…

I’ve been working all week on the sequel to The Kings of Charleston and yesterday I had to say goodbye to one of my characters (wouldn’t you like to know who?), which was sad, but I knew it was coming.

But I don’t always know who’s going to live or die. Sometimes I write a character with no intentions of them disappearing from the story, but as the mystery thickens it sometimes becomes necessary.

I recently spoke to one of my good friends and she asked me if a particular character in The Kings of Charleston was named after her, and I answered emphatically “Yes, she is!”. Then my friend asks “So why did you kill me?” Oops. “Well, I never meant to kill her…” Which is so totally the truth, but just never quite makes sense when you say it out loud.

And although the character was named after her, this characters fate in no way reflects how I feel about my friend. In fact, this character was fighting to reveal the truth, but just got in too deep to the point she had become a liability to those who didn’t want her snooping around. I had intended for this character to hang out maybe even into the second book, but it just didn’t feel right and her eventual ending was necessary.

Her description about reading of “her” characters demise will stick with me for awhile. She said she was reading The Kings, her husband asleep beside her and then she sat up in bed and said “she killed me!”. Her husband rolls over confused and when she explains, he rolls back over and goes to sleep. I laughed so hard, the scene from The Help where Hilly’s reading the book in bed running through my head.

Losing My Mind

Of late I’m sure you’ve noticed a particular post reappearing periodically, titled “Kythera…Are You In?” and you’ve probably thought I’ve lost it and just posted things over. Although, I can’t say for sure I haven’t lost my mind (some days I wonder myself), I can tell you that in fact that post appearing more than once has been on purpose.

I had my amazing cover artist create a special business card for marketing purposes. The front of the card reads, “Kythera Are you In?”, and the only thing listed on the back has been my web address and a smart code for smart phones which takes the person straight to my website. So, when you see that post appear again, you know I’ve been out with the cards leaving them on tables at the library, on cork boards at the local university and so forth.

Rest assured I haven’t lost my mind…yet.

Sugar in My Grits…Book Review

I’m excited today to share with you the first review of The Kings of Charleston. I have also added a tab at the top of my website where all book reviews will be listed.

Go check out the first review over at Sugar in My Grits, and while your there take a look around the rest of this very cool blog!

She is also featuring a book giveaway, so sign up to win a free copy of The Kings of Charleston!

Kythera…Are You In?

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.~Aristotle Onassis

There’s a mystery floating in Charleston, South Carolina and it revolves around the word…Kythera. To anyone outside the city limits it means nothing, but to those who live there it’s a word they’re familiar with and depending on who you are will determine your reaction to hearing it.

Welcome to a world where money isn’t the only name of the game.