There’s Two Crazy Kat’s Living in My House

Things round my house get a little confusing, because although my pet cat has a name, (Frank…don’t ask) we just call him “cat” most of the time or “kitty”. The best is when my husband call’s my name and the other “cat” comes running, meows and looks up at him.

My cat is not a normal cat. He has dependency issues. I thought most cats were pretty independent. Not our cat. No, if you leave the room and shut the door, he sets at the door and meows until you either let him in or you come back out. If he gets tired of meowing, he’ll go sit all pretty  in the corner and wait for you to come out. If he’s asleep up in his kitty tower and you leave the room, say to go into the office, seconds later he will appear, curl up in a chair and go back to sleep. He’s completely happy as long as me or my husband is in the room with him. I love that about our cat, but it’s abnormal as far as my definition of a cat goes. He also doesn’t like tuna or chicken, but it you drop a marshmallow or Gold Fish Cracker it’s gone in seconds (guess he likes junk food).

But the best part about my cat? Is the crazy things he does that just make me laugh. I was sitting at the computer this afternoon with the door closed, but not shut all the way. Suddenly, I hear the door crack open slowly and I look behind to see the cat with his head stuck in the room. But he isn’t looking at me, he’s looking at a pen cap that he’s pushed under the door. I say “Cat, what are you doing?” He looks up at me with his big blue eyes, all of a sudden aware of my presence. He freezes, then slowly retracts his head until I can only see one eye from behind the door. I keep looking at him, trying not to laugh. Then the other eye disappears and I think he’s found something else entertaining. I look at the door a second longer and all of a sudden a white paw appears under the door, searching for the pen cap. The door is still cracked from when he poked his head in, but he won’t come in because he doesn’t want me to “see” him get the pen cap. He thinks he will get in trouble and by sticking his paw under the door, I can’t possibly detect him right? I laughed, and shook my head before turning back to the computer.

I never thought I would have a cat. I always thought of myself as a dog person who would eventually have a poodle or some other frou frou dog. But one day my husband shows up on my doorstep (while were still dating) with this cat, a litter box and flea shampoo. He’s an adorable kitten, but I kept thinking evil thought’s about my husband and what made him think I wanted a kitten? Sure, I had said he was adorable, but I think baby monkey’s are adorable too. Doesn’t mean I want one.

Needless to say, this cat quickly stole my heart with his big personality and I’m now happily a cat person. Oh and we have a dog too. She has dependency issues as well, but that’s a whole other story. 🙂


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