A Moment Like This

As I’m sure most have you already heard the tragic news out of Aurora, Colorado, I wanted to take a moment to give my sincerest condolences to the families affected.

In a moment like this you realize we are not promised a single moment on this Earth, and that we should make every precious second count.

In a moment like this we are reminded of what really counts…and more often than not it’s not the things that we spend the majority of our time on. We take for granted the little things, the moments of happiness filled with smiles, laughter and love.

In a moment like this we need to let go of the little irritations that in the grand scheme of things are nothing but regrets when that person is gone. Something that someone told me awhile back (can’t remember if it was someone in person or on TV), but it changed how I looked at things. They said think about one thing that annoys you about your spouse, like that he leaves his socks on the floor and his jeans slung over the lamp and how irritated it makes you. Then think about the day you walk in and the socks aren’t on the floor or the jeans on the lamp because he’s gone. Suddenly, you want nothing more than to see the socks on the floor and the jeans over the lamp, and you realize how insanely crazy you’ve been for being so irritated over something that in the grand scheme of life doesn’t really matter.

In a moment like this we need to look to the only One who can help us, comfort and heal us in times of sadness and pain. Please say a prayer for the families who’ve lost friends, children, siblings and parents today in such a tragic way.


One thought on “A Moment Like This

  1. Such true words. We should be thankful for everything God has blessed us with – the good times as well as the trials. This shooting is such a senseless tragedy, as they all are. We’re definitely keeping all victims and their families in our prayers.

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