Ghost Hill Farms

If you’ve read my book, you know that Casper moves from her family’s horse farm called Ghost Hill Farms to Charleston, South Carolina.

So why a horse farm? One, I’m from Kentucky and there’s just a natural fascination with horses. There’s a lot of history and culture in my home state that involves the beautiful horses that graze its green rolling hills. They are just as much a part of the landscape as the trees, flowers and bluegrass. It’s because of that history that placing Casper on a Kentucky horse farm allowed me to impart some of my own history into the story.

Second, horses are just fascinating creatures with so much personality and life that they lend a lot to a story. I can remember as a kid always asking my parents for magazines about horses and reading novels about horses. I loved the movie’s National Velvet and Black Beauty (and now Secretariat). Horses have these big beautiful expressive eyes that feel like they can connect with your soul and see past the person you might be hiding from everyone else.

And flying on the back of a gorgeous horse over the hills of Kentucky Bluegrass represented something integral to my story…freedom. If you understand Casper’s relationship with her horses then you understand something special about her.


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