Kindle Winner and Thank You’s

I would like to announce the Kindle winner, Mrs. Lisa Wireman! Thank you to everyone who participated and I will be doing other contests in the future, including giving away signed copies of The Kings of Charleston, and possibly a Nook or other e-reader. Please check back often for new contests!

I also want to take a few minutes to say thank you to some who’ve been a great encouragement to me. I know I thanked people in an earlier post, but I don’t think you can thank enough the people who get behind you in whatever you pursue. The people I’m thanking today were not necessarily apart of the actual writing process, but the minute they heard about The Kings of Charleston they were on board.

Thank you Aunt Cheryl, because I think you were one of the first people to buy my book and to share it with all your friends. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thank you Claire, my wonderful sister-in-law (truly I consider her my sister with no need for the “in-law” attached) for taking the time to share my book and for being the positive happy person you always are. I always have so much fun with you.

I have to thank my boss, Paul, because he’s been just as excited and supportive about my book as anyone else. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what he would think, but he went around telling everyone about my book and that just made me feel great and confident.

Thank you to Morgan, who I didn’t previously know (although we later realized we had indeed met at a wedding) for taking the time to write me a note and letting me know how much you enjoyed the book, and for sharing it with your friends.

Thank you Kelly, my oldest  friend (I don’t mean age… I’ve known her since I was seven) for being so encouraging on the phone and excited to check out the book.

Thank you to all my supporters on Facebook, including all those who’ve taken the time to share my book with others. Some shared my book without any provocation, while I asked others if they would share and they did so happily.

There are plenty others who have shown their support that I’ve not specifically named, but if I truly took the time to write all those who I am thankful for, then it might be a book (or at least a novella) on it’s own, so I’ll just have to sprinkle my thank you’s through out my posts.

I’ve come to realize, the support you get after you’ve put yourself out there is so important and needed. I know there are many that I’ve not personally named, but you know who you are and if you don’t already know it, you’ve played an important role in helping me bring The Kings of Charleston to life.




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