Book Update (Confusion Ahead)

The paperback is now available on Amazon. You can click here for the listing. I have also updated the “Where to Buy the Book” page with this information.

The Kindle and the paperback listing have not been merged together yet, so they will not appear together if you click on one or the other listing on Amazon. If you look up my name in Amazon, The Kings of Charleston will appear as two separate listings.  The first is the Kindle listing and then you can scroll on down for the paperback listing.

If you look up the title of the book, the Kindle version will be the only thing that appears unless you specify that you are looking for the paperback in the search field.

I know it sounds a little confusing, and I was confused at first (okay still am) when it was explained to me. But I’ve been assured that this is how Amazon’s listings operate until they have been merged together.

It will take up to a week for the two listings to be merged by Amazon, so I wanted to make everyone aware that the paperback is available, just not with the Kindle listing yet.

Anyone confused besides me?

If you have trouble finding the book listing on any of the sites it is available on, please feel free to email me at

Thank You!


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