A Time of Great Sadness

It’s with great sadness that I announce the passing of my father-in-law. Please pray for our family during this difficult time. He was a wonderful person who I had the pleasure of knowing for several years and who was such an avid supporter of my writing. He will be greatly missed.

I will not be creating any new posts for a few days, but I will update “Where to Buy the Book” as new outlets become available. Also, I will still be announcing the winner of the Kindle at the scheduled time.

Thank You.

4 thoughts on “A Time of Great Sadness

  1. We share in your sorrow in the passing of Mike, your father in law. He was indeed a wonderful person. We are all blessed that knew him. As family walks this journey of separtion and loss, we walk with you in prayer….. for each one to be strengthened and comforted. Comfort one another……….hopefully one day the memories won’t hurt so bad. Until then, God’s peace be with each of you and His grace be abundant to you all. May his soul rest in peace……til you see him again one day in eternity everlasting. Love to you. Gerald & Nancy Redman

    • He definitely was and he had a great ability to effect those around him in a good way. Always optimistic and full of a light that will continue to live on in those he touched.

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