We Were on a Roll…in the Jeep.

As I alluded to yesterday, there are always great stories that come from time spent at the lake. This time they weren’t life threatening (unless you count the scorching heat…108 Degrees).

There’s always a lot of my husband’s family that get together at the lake, making Fourth of July a family reunion. And a part of that reunion is a ton of good food, and Saturday morning I volunteered to go to the grocery store to pick up some last minute supplies.

Courtney, my husband’s cousin-in-law, volunteered to go with me to the store. We had a list and we were ready to go. We took my husband’s Jeep to the store, which isn’t that big of a deal except for the fact that I don’t drive it much. My husband loves his Jeep (he’s got all these ideas of how he wants to make it into this off road monster and I have to beg him to borrow it).

We get to the store and I steer it into a space and put it into park…or so I think I do, but then it starts rolling. Or does it? At first I thought it was one of those times when another car is backing up that’s parked next to you and it makes you feel like you are rolling,but Courtney gets out and is like “uh it’s still rolling”. So I put into park again and it’s fine.

We go in the store and get what we need, and then we go to the ice house machine that’s in the back of the store. Neither one of us had ever used one, so when it starts to make all this rumbling noise I said, “What’s that? Is it bagging the ice for us?” I was half joking, but then the ice slid out already in a big bag and we were both amazed. Hey, when you are delirious from the heat, a machine that spits out ice in a bag for you is like finding a spring in the middle of a dessert. I seriously considered paying money to let the machine just dump ice on me.

Before we went back, I decided to put gas into the Jeep and guess what? It starts rolling again. We laugh about it, but I’m perplexed. Has it always had this problem or am I that incapable of parking it?

When we get back I ask my husband about the Jeep and he’s never had a problem with it…uh oh, so it is me. Later at lunch, my husband and I are sitting with Richard, his cousin and his wife, Courtney. I don’t know what prompted the conversation, but Courtney said “You’re on a roll,” (or we/she/he..I can’t remember) to which my husband said “Yeah, in the Jeep”. And we just laughed, because my husband is always coming up with one liners which are usually cute, but terribly corny.

Courtney and I thought the whole trip was pretty funny, and I always have a lot of fun with her. I think she and Richard should move closer so we can hang out more (I got an empty lot next door just waiting for a house to be built…no pressure though…lol). Actually, I think that Nancy and Jamie need to move down here too (There’s another lot waiting for them in the neighborhood). What do you say guys?



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