The Power of the Written Word

I’ve often heard the phrase, “The power of the written word”, but I don’t think I’ve truly understood it until now.

As you all know, today is Father’s Day and this one was particular special for me even though I didn’t get to spend it with my own father. My husband and his siblings did something special for their Dad this year, which in many respects was priceless. Instead of buying another gadget or tool that he may or may not use, they created a book of memories. They each wrote down special memories they had of growing up with their Dad and made it into a book, which they had printed on cream paper and spiral bound at Staples.

It was a actually a pretty big ordeal to get the stories formatted right (three trips to Staples) so that it would print front and back like a book. It may not sound too complicated, but when you’re dealing with multiple versions of Microsoft Word and printers which print out in different directions, then it becomes a big deal. I now have new found respect for Craig, the person responsible for my novel’s formatting. It’s a tough a job and I could have really used him for their Father’s Day project.

But in the end it was printed and beautiful. I remember looking at it and at the fake bar code my husband had put on it that had the price as “priceless”. It truly was priceless, not only because of the joy I know it brought their Father, but the joy on their own faces. They took turns reading their respective stories in the book to their Father and even their Mother read a few. I could see the smiles, the laughter, the tears and the pure joy in my husband and his siblings eyes. It was truly special, and a reminder of the power of the written word.


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