I Feel Like a Vampire

If you’ve ever met me in person there’s one thing you’ll notice about me. I’m pale as in ghostly pale. Actually considering the popularity of another supernatural character, I’m vampire pale. (Some kids have looked at me seriously contemplating whether I am or not…lol.) But it’s okay with me.

Growing up I was on the swim team through high school and a lifeguard and I was able to get pretty tan, but it left me with a lot of freckles. I wised up and realized skin damage and the possibility of skin cancer wasn’t worth changing what obviously wasn’t meant to be my natural color. Besides staying out of the sun will one day pay off in the form of less wrinkles.

But today I felt even more like a vampire than normal. I had an eye consultation in order to get Lasik surgery later this summer (I’m blind as a bat, which is pretty ironic considering the whole vampire thing). For the first time in years I had my eyes dilated. After the appointment, the doctor’s assistant asked me if I need some temporary sunglasses. I told her, “nah, it’s not too bright out”. It’s been overcast and gloomy all day. When she opened the door and I stepped out, I felt like the sun was going to burn my eyes out. I literally winced and covered my eyes (I even thought about hissing at the light). She laughed and went to get the sunglasses.

In un-vampire (if that isn’t a word, I just made it one…lol) like fashion my sight was pretty terrible afterward even with my glasses on.  I couldn’t see the computer screen at work for at least three hours after the appointment which made work very difficult since ninety-nine percent of what I do is on the computer. I kept staring at the blurry screen hoping I would magically be able to see the words on it, but I just ended up making myself feel sick. The drive home wasn’t fun either. I kept shielding my eyes with one hand, and I breathed a deep sigh of relief when I reached my garage and the darkness.

I’m finally able to see normal again, which is great news since I had a lot I needed to accomplish for my book today. I hope it’s a long time before I feel like a vampire again.


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