Are You Ready?

Guess what tomorrow is? The first day of June and I’m excited because it’s going to be an amazing month filled with all things book related for me. The Kings of Charleston will be officially released the last week of June and there’s a lot to get done between now and then.

Currently, I’m working on the Acknowledgments and it’s proving to be a difficult task because I don’t think I could ever express enough gratitude to the people who’ve helped me on this journey. I get kind of teary eyed just thinking about everyone who believed in me and didn’t say “Are you crazy? You can’t do that.” Not a single person told me I was crazy (well, at least not for that reason…lol). Instead they encouraged me, telling me I could do it and to go for it. What a blessing to have those kind of people in my life. Okay, I’ve got to keep moving before I start crying on the keyboard and short my computer.

In addition to sharing some more recipes and kayaking adventures (or whatever I can get myself into), I will be sharing some sneak peaks of the first couple of chapters of my book and interesting tidbits about the characters.

Also, I will be hosting a contest the last week of June where you can enter to win a Kindle. I will be posting the contest as a separate page on my website listing how to enter and the rules later this month.

June’s not only the start of the summer, but this year it’s the start of a great adventure for me. Are you ready to step into the world of The Kings of Charleston?



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