Warning: Addictive Candy Recipe

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to try out new recipes on my family and friends and this past weekend was no exception. I made blueberry biscuits, German potato salad and the most addictive candy concoction imaginable.

Someone had made this heavenly treat a couple of years ago and brought it to the office I work at as a Christmas gift. I don’t know how much of it I consumed, but I was sure it was almost half of the contents of the pretty green Christmas tin. I tried to find the recipe for it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was in withdrawals when I finally gave up (although I dreamed about the stuff for awhile). And then the Saturday before Memorial Day I happened to be watching Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show on the Food Network (it was fate, because I’ve never watched her show before) and guess what she was making? The candy recipe I had been searching for since I had been introduced to it’s addictive deliciousness. Now with the recipe in hand, I made a batch to take to the lake. It didn’t last very long and we’re still debating who ate the last piece and stuck the empty container back into the fridge (anyone want to confess?). We all have our guesses on who it was, but no evidence other than the empty container with a few broken bits in the bottom could be found.

We laughed about it, even though it really wasn’t a laughing matter. We needed more and I decided to buy the ingredients and make another round, which then led to the third (I think we only stopped there because I ran out of one of the key ingredients).

So what is this candy that needs it’s own support group for addicts? It’s so easy to make and it’s made with saltine crackers. Yeah, you read that right…saltines. See the website below for the recipe:


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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