I Can’t Resist a Good Mystery

So why didn’t anyone tell me that Revenge was a great show? For whatever reason I started watching it from the beginning this weekend on Hulu (and I’m not afraid to admit I watched like 6 episodes Saturday). When the commercials for Revenge started on ABC last fall it didn’t appeal to me, but from the moment I sat down and started watching the pilot episode I’ve been hooked.

I’m not surprised I became so interested, because it has all the elements in a plot that has always appealed to me…mystery and suspense. I love to read a book or watch a show that asks me to try to put the pieces together and figure out what’s going to happen next with a strong (yet conflicted) lead female character.

I like a good romance every now and then, but I can’t resist a great mystery/thriller. Let’s face it, sometimes I wish I’d become a detective or a spy.

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