Mental Case

Things have slowed down for me since my book is with my second editor getting the finishing touches before its June release. I’ve had a few things to work out for the book, but mostly I’ve taken the time to get things done that were neglected in my mad dash to finish and get everything turned in to the editor on time.

I’ve spent the day cleaning the house and painting the front door. Our front door gets the brutal afternoon sun and the black color of the door seemed to be a beacon for the heat. You literally could get burnt touching it in the late afternoon, so I decided to paint it a light green color hoping it would reflect some of the heat away. The day was overcast, so I didn’t get to test how my new paint job did in the sun.

Although I focused today on chores, I did spend a bit of time thinking about where my main character, Casper, will be heading in the future. I’ve been working on the second book, but my mind is already racing to the third. Do I stop there or does she have more stories to tell? I’m not sure yet and it’s probably useless to try to predict the future. All I know for sure is that I will continue to write about Casper as long as she gives me a story to write.

That’s the funny thing about writing. I can’t force the story, and often times the characters lead me to the story, telling me where they want to go. I know that sounds like a case for a psychiatrist and possibly medication, but that’s often how stories come to life on the page. I thought the idea was ludicrous for the longest time and would write scenes in the novel the way I thought they should go.But then I noticed problems with the story, things just didn’t fit exactly right. So I finally gave in and let Casper tell her story (I promise, I don’t hear voices) and things started making more sense. Now obviously Casper is not a real person, but the longer a character is in your mind the more of a personality they develop. There’s things that Casper does that are similar to my own personality, but there’s other attributes she has that are not necessarily my own.

The same goes for every other character I’ve created. Bits and pieces of their personalities come from myself, or other people in my life (I’m not telling who), but there still is this part of them that is distinctly their own.


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