Mom Always Said to Make a Good First Impression

I spent this weekend enjoying some time with my husband and his family for Mother’s Day.  My parents live too far to visit over a weekend, but I did send my mother a gift (which I gave UPS the wrong address and so she ended up getting it late, but that’s a whole other story) and talked to her Sunday.

My husband and I also attended his high school reunion dinner, where I got to meet some of his classmates. They were all so welcoming and in a situation that I would normally feel self conscious, I felt right at home.

After a relaxing weekend, the latest thing on my to-do list is to approve cover art for The Kings of Charleston. I had no idea how hard it was going to be and how important it truly was to my book. It’s the first impression I will make in the  book world. I kept thinking it wouldn’t really matter. I mean everyone will read the back and the first few pages to really decide if the want to read it, right? Wrong. Even I’ve picked up a book based on an interesting cover and skipping it if it didn’t have one that caught my eye.

An example of a book that I picked up based on the cover is The Luxe, by Anna Godbersen ( I had never heard of her, but I saw the cover of her novel displayed at the bookstore. The cover was of a young girl in a beautiful full pink ball gown that encompassed not only the front, but the back cover. I bought that book based on the cover, and my first impression proved true. It was a great read and I bought the whole series and finished them within a week. It made me think, would I have picked this book up if it didn’t have the beautiful cover? Probably not, because if I don’t know the author or don’t get a recommendation, the cover plays a big role in my choice.

The cover art has been less important for me when buying an eBook. I often go with the recommendations I get from Amazon based on books I’ve bought in the past or popular books in a particular genre, but I could be turned off if the cover isn’t at least decent in my opinion. Moral of the story is that Mom was right this time. (But when has she ever been wrong?)

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