Thank You

After thanking my English teacher, Ms. Chafin, I started thinking about everyone who has helped me along the way. I was always told that being an author was a lonely profession, but it’s been my experience that’s not the total truth.

There were plenty of nights I spent by myself staring at the computer screen, occasionally feeling the need to pull my hair out (okay, 99% of the time). But other than those times, there was a lot of help from friends and family.

I would want to thank my wonderful husband, Michael Tyler, for being there and supporting my goals. He was often the push I needed to keep going when I felt like giving up and he was that much needed sound board when I had writer’s block. He was fully engaged in the writing process with me and willing to sit with me for however long it would take to fix the problem. He should also consider becoming an editor (seriously, I think he missed his calling in life), because he came up with many of the same suggestions as my actual editor did.

None of this could have been possible without my parents, who have always encouraged me to go after my dreams. No matter what crazy idea I might have (and I had plenty), they always told me to go for it. Finally, one of the crazy ideas paid off.

I’ve had several great readers who’ve were a tremendous help as well. Thanks to one of my best friends, Karey, who was the first person to read the entire first draft. I’m grateful to her for not only taking the time to read, but knowing when something needed improvement (a/k/a when something was crappy and just didn’t make sense).

Thanks also to Alicia, who took the time to read and was enthusiastic about the story at a point I was really frustrated with the the process. Her enthusiasm was truly contagious.

My in-laws, Mike and Kaye, were (and are) great supporters as well, in reading and taking an interest in my book. I truly got lucky in finding such a great family to bring into my own.

I have to give thanks to my editor, Marlene, who was phenomenal to work with throughout the editing process.

And a big thanks to Dixie Cook and DSC photography who took the beautiful head shots for my website and book. She was so much fun to work with and has such a great eye for photography.

I know before the process is over and the book is out, there will be more people involved and to thank for bringing it all together.


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